World Lutheran News Digest – Services for Aging Lutherans

With guest Rev. John Kotovsky, Chief Mission Officer for Lutheran Senior Services

The Coffee Hour – Free Resource Services for Seniors

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Michelle Wamser, Director of Aging Answers with Lutheran Senior Services.

Bring the Love of Christ: Conversation with Rev. Brad Thomas

Andy Bates talks with Rev. Brad Thomas, Chaplain at Lutheran Senior Services – Meridian Village in Glen Carbon, IL.

Bring the Love of Christ: Conversation with Deaconess Gayle Truesdell

Andy Bates talks with Deaconess Gayle Truesdell, Chaplain at Lutheran Senior Services—Meramec Bluffs in St. Louis.

Faith & Family – Live at Dunn Road Manor!

With guests Annmarie Wallis, Susan Hutchinson, Tammy Payne, RN, and Dunn Road residents Yvonne and Blanche.

Faith’n’Family – June is Dairy Month!

With guests Camille Smith, Frank Doll, and residents from Laclede Groves Senior Living Community.

Faith & Family – Living Life to the Fullest at Laclede Groves

With Annmarie Wallis and friends from Laclede Groves Senior Living Community and the APA of MO.