Faith & Family – Older Americans Month with Lutheran Senior Services

With Annmarie Wallis, Ann Cerame, Susan Hutchinson, and Lyle Kurth

Faith & Family – Lutheran Senior Services: Successful Aging

With Annmarie Wallis, Dawn Determan, and Patt O’Keeffe

Faith’n’Family – Successful Aging; Sharathon Recap

With guests Annmarie Wallis, Dawn Determan, Patt O’Keeffe, Mary Schmidt, and Rev. Mark Hawkinson

Faith’n’Family – LIVE at Lutheran Senior Services: Breeze Park

With guest Annmarie Wallis and many friends from Breeze Park, a Lutheran Senior Services community.

Faith’n’Family – LSS Week of Love; Newest Arch Books; Concordia Chicago Wind Symphony

With guests Annmarie Wallis, Kristy Bull, Peggy Kuethe, and Dr. Richard Fischer.

Faith’n’Family – Senior Connections: Volunteers and Pets

With guests Jennifer Blome and Sandra Roeder Singer.

Faith’n’Family – Senior Health, Lutheran Senior Services

With guests Susan Hutchinson and Becky Joseph.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Senior Services: Veterans Fair

With guests Maggy Spencer and Margaret Cox.

His Time – Lutheran Senior Services, Nutrition during the Holidays, A Call to Persevere

(1) Jane Wilke talks about Lutheran Senior Services, (2) Ellen Wheeler talks about Nutrition during the Holidays, and (3) Rev. Robert Foote looks at Jude 1-25 and gives today’s sermonette.