God’s Mission Here: S2 Ep1. LCMS School Ministry | Rev. Michael Meyer with Dr. Alan Freeman

Hear from Dr. Alan Freeman, the Director of LCMS School Ministry, on the important work of supporting Lutheran schools and resources for planting new schools.

The Coffee Hour – Un-Conference for Lutheran Educators

Andy and Sarah talk with Concordia University Chicago faculty members Dr. Anne Thies, Professor Amy Stradtmann, and Professor Jared Stiek.

The Coffee Hour – Legacy of Ministry in Orchard Farm

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. James Thomas, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church & School in Orchard Farm (St Charles), Missouri.

The Coffee Hour – Support Lutheran Education at “Brew in the Lou”

Andy and Sarah talk with Sue Nahmensen—CEO of Lutheran Elementary School Association, Katie Foristal— Christ Community Lutheran School administration, and Stephanie Silbey—Lutheran school parent.

The Coffee Hour – High School Online in Texas

Andy talks with Rev. Stephen Kieser from Faith Lutheran High School in Plano, Texas.

The Coffee Hour – National Lutheran Schools Week

Today, Sarah and guest co-host Rachel Bomberger talk with Dr. Becky Schmidt, Director of School Ministry with the LCMS Office of National Mission.

The Coffee Hour – New Lutheran North Middle School

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Tim Brackman, Principal of Lutheran North High School, and Dr. Michael Starks, Lutheran North Middle School Director.