LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Strategic Planning for Youth Ministry

Dr. Mark Blanke joins Mark and Julianna to talk about the importance of strategic planning for youth ministry.

Faith & Family – Confirmation: History and Practice

With guests Dr. Mark Blanke, Rev. Dr. Marvin Bergman, and Mary Stafford

Faith’n’Family – Celebrating National DCE Day

With guests Dr. Jacob Youmans, Dr. Debra Arfsten, Dr. Mark Blanke, Heath Lewis, and Dr. Dave Rueter.

Faith’n’Family – Dr. Mark Blanke: Celebrating 35 Years of DCE Ministry

With guests Dr. Mark Blanke, DCE, Vanessa Seifert, Christine Eckberg, Shelli Haynes, and Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich

Faith’n’Family – Confirmation: History and Practice

Today we discuss the history, purpose, trends, and future of confirmation in the Lutheran Church.