Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Universal Atonement with Mormons

A foundational biblical teaching that Jesus paid the price for all people so that God offers eternal life as a free gift to all is rejected by Mormonism as a Satanic counterfeit. How to discuss this with our Mormon friends is the goal.

Cross Defense – The Apologetics with LDS Mormons

Being Ex-Mormon or Being Mormon–Which is Better?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Choirs Dwindling, Mormons

(1) Open Mike. (2) Why are choirs dwindling in congregations? (3) Hymn by a listener. (4) Caller: Why Mormons are not Christian. (5) Caller: Book to read.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Mormonism

With guest Rev. Mark Cares, President of Truth in Love Ministries.

Law and Gospel – Lent, Imposition of Ashes, Buddhists and Mormons, Meaning of Ashes

(1) Insights on Lent. (2) Caller: Imposition of ashes. (3) Caller: Buddhists and Mormons. (4) Meaning of to repent in dust and ashes.