LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — Exploring the 40 End Goals – Vocation

Pastor Andrew Jones joins Mark and Julianna to talk about the importance to teaching about vocation. 

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Adventures in Lutheranism: Camp Arcadia, Michigan

It’s an Adventure in Lutheranism for the whole family, as Rachel takes the Ladies on an epic vicarious vacation to Camp Arcadia on the coast of Lake Michigan.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Three Year Anniversary: Arch Book Shenanigans!

Sarah, Erin, Bri, and Rachel throw an audio Arch Book party, spotlighting Concordia Publishing House’s classic series of picture book Bible stories as they try their hands at writing their own rhyming Bible narratives.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 37. One Body, Many Parts – Disabilities and the Body of Christ | Rev. Kevin Loughran & Penny Loughran

Join Steph and Tiffany, along with father-daughter duo, Pastor Kevin Loughran and Penny Loughran, as they talk about what it means for the church to care for all people, regardless of their range of abilities.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — Difficult Conversations: Anxiety and Depression

Mark and Julianna discuss talk with Jayme Nichols about how we can prepare to care and support youth who are impacted by depression and anxiety.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Hymn Sing with Sarah: Himnario Luterano — Spanish Lutheran Hymnal!

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, and to celebrate, Sarah’s leading a special Hymn Sing episode on Himnario Luterano, the new Lutheran hymnal for the Spanish-speaking world.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep7. The language of the heart | Rev. Walterson Siewert

Rev. Walterson Siewert (Peru) shares the importance of kisses, yerba mate, and language when connecting with people in Peru.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep6. Laughing in another language | Hayden Rensner

Hayden Rensner (Czech Republic) shares her experience of hearing a hilarious story without understanding any of the words spoken.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep5. A piece of cake | Rev. Steven Mahlburg

Rev. Steven Mahlburg (Sri Lanka) being the guest of honor at someone else’s birthday party.

5 Minutes with a Missionary — LCMS International Mission: S2Ep4. Connecting via stories | Rev. Dr. Chris Tiews

Rev. Tiews (Germany) uses the power of stories to make connections with people on trains, sidewalks, and in bible studies.