The Bible Study – Romans 3:21-24

Romans 3:21-24 “Righteousness through Faith” with guest Rev. Kevin Parviz of the Congregation Chai v’ Shalom in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Bible Study – Romans 3:19-20

Romans 3:19-20 “No Justification by Works” with guest Rev. Nathan Meador of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

The Bible Study – Romans 3:9-18

Romans 3:9-18 “No One is Righteous” with guest Rev. Anthony Steinbronn, President of the New Jersey District.

The Bible Study – Romans 3:1-8

Romans 3:1-8 “God’s Faithfulness” with guest Rev. Steven Theiss of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbia, Illinois.

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Rev. Dave Bueltmann talks about the Wittenberg Project, (2) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, (3) and the biblical text for today covers Romans 3:1-18 “God’s Righteousness Upheld”.