Cross Defense — Christ Comforts Christians Even When Banks Collapse

Silicon Valley Bank was the second biggest bank failure in American history. In the face of this Christians remain comforted by Christ.

Cross Defense — Christ Comforts the Conscience

How does the Law serve the Christian? Does the Gospel mean the Law is useless for believers?

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Was Walther being pietistic when he wrote his ten arguments against attending the theatre?

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Listener comments continue the conversation on the curious topic of the evils of the entertainment industry.

Cross Defense — Ten Arguments from Scripture Against Streaming That Show

C.F.W. Walther leads us to older and clearer waters as he poses ten arguments against attending the theatre—now streaming on your phone.

Cross Defense — The Bible Has Nothing To Say About Homosexuality?

A licensed minister claimed on PBS that the Bible has nothing to say about homosexuality. Is this true?

Cross Defense — The Pope on Homosexuality and Speaking Truth in Love

Pastor Bramwell explains why Christians do not approach sin with words that merely sound loving, but rather, those that truly are loving.

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What are the worldview differences between Satan’s lies and God’s truth?

Cross Defense — Are We Living in a Post-Christian Time?

There is much for the church to learn from the loving actions of the elderly apostle, especially given that the world thinks we live in a post-Christian era.

Cross Defense — Public Displays of Christianity

Why don’t we see more Christian behavior in the public?