The Coffee Hour – Blame It On Casual Friday

Today, Andy talks with Andrew Fondow, Assistant Vice President for Product Strategy for Concordia Plans Services.

The Coffee Hour – So Faith Comes By Hearing

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Mary Schmidt, Manager of Development for KFUO Radio.

Sharathon Recap 2017

Thank you for your support during Sharathon 2017!

Faith & Family – Sharathon Recap

With Mary Schmidt and Rev. Mark Hawkinson

His Time – Worldview Watch: Sharathon 2017

Mary Schmidt and Rev. Mark Hawkinson talk about the upcoming Sharathon 2017!

Faith & Family – Sharathon!

With Mary Schmidt, Rev. Mark Hawkinson, and Gary Duncan.

Faith & Family – Christian Friends of New Americans

With Joanie Harwell and Rev. Dr. Stanish Stanley

Faith’n’Family – Christian Friends of New Americans; National Volutneer Month; Sharathon!

With guests Joanie Harwell, Rev. Dr. Stanish Stanley, Maureen Lenz, Mary Schmidt, and Rev. Mark Hawkinson.

Sharathon 2014

KFUO’s Annual Fundraising Event takes place for 3 days from April 24-26. Tune in and join in the fun!