BookTalk – Where Christ Is Present: A Theology for All Seasons on the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

By by John Warwick Montgomery (Author, Editor, Contributor), Gene Edward Veith (Editor, Contributor), A. S. Francisco (Contributor), Rod Rosenbladt (Contributor), Harold Sinkbeil (Contributor), Todd Wilken (Contributor), Uwe Siemon-Netto (Contributor), Craig A. Parton (Contributor), Steven A. Hein (Contributor), Angus J. L. Menuge (Contributor), Cameron A. MacKenzie (Contributor).

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of the Theology of The Cross

Today we discuss why Theology of The Cross is distasteful to people while the Theology of Glory is attractive.

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Dr. Steven Hein talks on The Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education conference, and (2) Rev. Jeff Hemmer takes a look at Luke 12:13-34 “The Parable of the Rich Fool”.