The Student Union – “Religious Liberty: Essential for a Free People”

Today we talk about religious liberty with one of our LCMS Free to be Faithful Young Adult Ambassadors.

The Student Union – “Walking for Life”

Today we get caught up on all the opportunities available to support life, not only by participating in one of many January marches or walks, but throughout the year.

The Student Union

The Student Union

The Student Union – “Can I take Religious Studies at a State University and Keep My Faith?”

Today we talk about the pros and cons of religious studies programs at secular universities.

The Student Union – “The Joy of Being a Camp Counselor”

You can learn more about Lutheran camps and employment opportunities through the National Lutheran Outdoor Ministry Association.

The Student Union – “Yik Yak?!?”

Today we discuss both the pitfalls and usefulness (really?) of the social media app, Yik Yak, and its impact among college students and those serving on campus.

The Student Union – “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You”

Today we learn all about the quintessential Advent Hymn, “O Lord, How Shall I Meet You”(Lutheran Service Book #334) by Rev. Paul Gerhardt.

The Student Union – “Religion is for the Weak!”

Today we talk about a unique approach to campus outreach with Rev. Jared DeBlieck.

The Student Union – Faith in the Presence of Questions, Doubts, and Cliches

Faith in the Presence of Questions, Doubts, and Cliches.