A Moment in Creation: Genesis and the Gospel

Rev. Warren Woerth talks with Gary Duncan about Genesis and the Gospel.

A Moment of Faith: Lenten Hymns – Did My Savior Bleed

Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely discuss the six weeks of Lent.  Pastor Nicely also shares with us the Lenten hymn, “Did My Savior Bleed”

A Moment for the Family: Online Gaming

Gary Duncan and Dr. Mary Manz Simon discuss online gaming and the effect it has on family togetherness.

A Moment in Creation: Understanding Cults

This week on the program Gary Duncan and Rev. Warren Woerth discuss a resource from the LCMS that could help you clarify any confusion regarding cults and their beliefs.

A Moment of Faith: Be Thou My Vision

Rev. Doug Nicely discusses his Transfiguration Sunday sermon with Gary Duncan. Doug also focuses on the hymn “Be Thou My Vision”. 

A Moment for the Family: Economy and Low Birthrate

Gary Duncan and Dr. Mary Manz Simon talk about the low birthrate. Is this caused by the economy? Also, our conversation turns to home and church nurseries.

A Moment in Creation: Lasers and Aliens

Gary Duncan and Rev. Warren Woerth talk about NASA and the hunt for alien life with a new laser technology.

A Moment of Faith: Understanding the Ten Commandments Properly

In our discussion this week with Rev. Doug Nicely and Gary Duncan we look at how the ten commandments were misunderstood by the Jewish officials during the time of Jesus’ earthly life.

A Moment for the Family: The Effects of Inflation on Families

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan discuss inflation and the effects it could have on families.

A Moment in Creation: Artificial Intelligence

Rev. Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan discuss Artificial Intelligence technology. A recent news article states that AI can create a low form of life.