{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Wild Card: Upcycling Thrivent “Live Generously” T-shirts

Bri loves and celebrates (to bits and pieces, in some cases) the Lutheran cultural phenomenon that is the Thrivent “Live Generously” T-shirt.

News Break – Religious freedom wins in Minnesota

Monday, August 26, 2019 – Headlines

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, T-shirt, Jesus’ brothers and sisters

(1) Open Mike Friday. (2) Free T-shirt. (3) Caller: Jesus’ brothers and sisters? (4) Caller: Use Lord’s name in vain. (5) Caller: Purgatory.

Law and Gospel – Ruminations, T-shirts, Sarah and Hagar

(1) Ruminations with Wes Reimnitz. (2) Free T-shirt to be caller. (3) The Two covenants. (4) Caller: The 2 mountains of Sarah and Hagar. (5) Caller: Faith comes from the Holy Spirit.