News Break – Another report supporting abortion is released

Monday, July 15, 2019 – Headlines

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: The Ancient Epidemic of Lonely

Rev. Adam Koontz studies Genesis 2:18-25 regarding marriage as the natural form of life, the role of animals in human relationships, Eve as Adam’s helper, and the proper relationship between men and women.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Tischendorf, Inmates

(1) Open Mike due to July 4 holiday. (2) Caller: On Tischendorf. (3) Caller: This is the Life for inmates. (4) Caller: Robert Linske and Bart Ehrman. (5) Caller: Unionism in LCMS. (6) Postmodern attempts on Two Kingdoms.

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Ruminations with Mark Smith. (2) Advent and John the Baptizer. (3) West Point chapel same sex marriage. (4) Definition of repentance. (5) Liturgical difference between Lutheran and Reformed. (6) Jesus appears in passage of David and Goliath 6 times. (6) Union paper saying strikes are Biblical.