A Moment in Creation: Does a Creation and Young Earth Worldview Harm the Christian Faith?

Are Christian’s who believe and promote a young earth and a literal understanding of Genesis harming the Christian faith? Listen as Gary Duncan talks with Rev. Warren Woerth about a recent article on that subject. Pastor Woerth will help us to understand what the Bible teaches of the creation account.

Thy Strong Word — Introduction to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John: You may know that you have eternal life.

Rev. Warren Woerth, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, MO joins Rev. Brady Finnern to start off our study of John’s three epistles.

A Moment in Creation: Distorted Gospel

Gary Duncan talks with Rev. Warren Woerth about the question “Is Jesus the only way to salvation?” Here about how a pastor on Tik Tok is distorting the Gospel message. Listen and learn how you can help your children discern false teaching seen and heard on social media.

A Moment in Creation: Truth or Speculation

Gary Duncan hears from Rev. Warren Woerth about how scientist have discovered the fossil of a dinosaur they believe died during an asteroid hitting earth. What are the truths behind this discovery and what are just speculations? Listen for more insights

A Moment in Creation: The Human Genome

Pastor Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan talk about the human genome. Hear about the added DNA information discovered as scientists now say they have finally finished decoding the full human genome. What is it that makes us uniquely human and how should Christians view this new study?

A Moment in Creation: Worldview and Children

Pastor Warren Woerth shares with Gary Duncan information about an article from The Federalist. The article looks at parents who are Christians and those with a worldview approach to evolution. How do these two views affect children?

A Moment in Creation: Just Right Planets

Pastor Warren Woerth discusses with Gary Duncan the Goldilocks theory of life sustaining planets. How many planets fall into that not too hot, not too cold life-supporting zone? Listen to find out.

A Moment in Creation: Discerning Truth, Even in the Funny Pages

Hear Pastor Warren Woerth talk with Gary Duncan about a recent comic strip that shared an anti-Christian and pro-evolution viewpoint. Listen and learn how to discern these types of viewpoints and ways to share God’s truth with others.

A Moment in Creation: The Parker Probe

Pastor Warren Woerth discusses the Parker probe with Gary Duncan.

A Moment in Creation: Remembering Dr. David Menton

Pastor Warren Woerth discuses with Gary Duncan resources available at the Answers in Genesis web site from Dr. David Menton. Dr. Menton, who died this past December, was an award-winning professor at Washington University in St. Louis and he was a strong advocate for creation as taught biblically.