His Time – The 72, Paul in Corinth

(1) Rev. Al Tormoehlen talks about The 72, and (2) Rev. Jeff Kuddes looks at Acts 18:1-11;23-28 and gives today’s sermonette.

Law and Gospel – Insight, Galatians, Witness

(1) Insight on the one chapter of the Bible summarizing Law and Gospel. (2) Galatians 3. (3) How to use it to witness to others.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of The Resurrection on Trial

With guest Craig Parton—Attorney, Apologist, Author—joins us today and covers topics such as the Admission of Evidence; Parts of a trial; Prove the Resurrection?; Reasonable doubt; Eyewitness testimony; Reliability of primary sources and NT documents; Historicity of Christianity…

Law and Gospel – Same God?, Tempation of Jesus, How to Witness, Muslims

(1) Insight on “Do Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same god?” (2) Caller: Jesus as Messiah. (3) Temptation of Jesus. (4) Romans 1:19-20. (5) Caller: How to witness to nephew. (6) Caller: Muslims are offended.

BookTalk – Witness (pt.2)

“Witness” — by Herman Sasse (translated by Bror Erickson) — Part 2 of 2.

BookTalk – Witness (pt.1)

“Witness” — by Herman Sasse (translated by Bror Erickson) — Part 1 of 2.