Faith & Family – LCMS Servant Events

With Jim Lohman and Jolene Siebarth

Faith’n’Family – LCMS Servant Events; Missionary Deaconess Rachel Jaseph

With guests Jim Lohman, Jolene Siebarth, and Deaconess Rachel Jaseph

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Senior Services; Going Green

With guests Annmarie Wallis, Rita Vicary, Arlene Sullivan, Evelyn Detzel, and Rev. Trevor Sutton

Faith’n’Family – Youth Ministry Symposium

Youth Ministry Symposium 2014: Faith, Values and Millennials — with guest speakers Hilary Davidson, Dr. Patricia Herzog, and DCE Tom Couser.

Faith’n’Family – Intergenerational Approach to Youth Ministry

Intergenerational Approach to Youth Ministry — with guests Rev. Mark Kiessling and James Lohman.

Faith’n’Family – Youth Ministry

The Youth Poll — with guest Terry Dittmer of the Youth Ministry.

His Time Morning Show

Rev. Randy Asburry interviews (1) Ted Kober, President of Ambassadors of Reconciliation and (2) Jim and Carol Meyer about Youth Ministry in Rose Bud, Missouri.