2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions

Youth and adult sessions recorded at the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas. For more information about the Gathering, visit lcmsgathering.com.

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2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Calling All Athletes!

Pastor Billy wrestles with the impact of our faith in athletics, taking a look at the one who knows how to suffer the best.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Christ In All Things…Even Addiction!

When addiction impacts your life, you will inevitably come to this question, “God, where are you?”

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. In All Things Includes ALL Things. Seriously.

One of the theological advisors for this Gathering will help participants take a detailed and in-depth look at the biblical and theological foundations behind the Gathering theme.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Candles, Crystals, and Chakras: Thinking about Mystical Spiritualities

We live in times when people may follow a variety of mystical practices or “spiritualities” that come from many different sources.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. How to Survive and Thrive as a Lutheran Christian in the Military!

Are you nervous about joining the military? Are you worried about a friend or relative who is joining or already in the military? Are you not sure what to expect? Will you be able to practice your faith?

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Lutheran Early Response Teams: Engaging Your Youth in Love to the Neighbor

This session will discuss the benefits/challenges of engaging your youth in regular works of service, particularly in partnership with Lutheran Early Response Teams(LERT).

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Worth Dying For: A New Model for Dating and Relationships

We focus so much on dating and relationships in today’s world and yet it is such an area of struggle and heartache for so many.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Sex, Abortion, and Culture

Are people around you talking about sex? Do you ever hear mention of abortion, or maybe reproductive rights and choices? How are Lutherans to live and move in a culture that emphasizes personal independence and choice above all?

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Predicando la Palabra in Ponce, Puerto Rico

Pastor Adam Lehman speaks about the work that a missionary pastor does, especially in the Latin America and Caribbean region.