2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions

Youth and adult sessions recorded at the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas. For more information about the Gathering, visit lcmsgathering.com.

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2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Missionary Snapshots: Reaching Refugees and the Lost in the Land of Luther

Hear stories of how God is at work bringing people out of lands of darkness, to places where they can walk in His Light.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Walking in Each Other’s Shoes

Stories teach us about many things. Our stories teach us about who we are. They also reveal who others are, both the stories they tell and the ones we tell about them.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Why is Sharing Jesus With Others So Hard (But Necessary)?

Join Pastor Dawit as he walks you through his struggles and God’s grace as he was sharing the message of Jesus over the last decade in one of the most diverse places in the nation in the San Francisco Bay area.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. But Like…What If There Is No God?

Atheists and agnostics, apatheists and “nones,” the spiritual-but-not religious and…Christian atheists?!

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Religion, Religions, Religious?

You’ve got your Buddhist neighbor and your Jewish friend, your Muslim teammate and your spiritual-but-not-religious cousin. Maybe you’ve wondered to yourself: what do they actually believe?

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Problem Parents or Parent’s Problem?

Ever have a problem with your parents? Discover strategies for how to have a better understanding of and relationship with your parents and care givers.

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. The ABC’s of Defending Your Faith

If someone asked why you were a Christian, what would you say?