Concord Matters – Large Catechism, Fourth Commandment

Today we look at the Large Catechism, Fourth Commandment.

Concord Matters – Large Catechism 3rd and 4th Commandment

With guests Pr. Bruce Von Hindenburg and Dr. Kevin Armbrust.

Concord Matters – 4th Commandment

The 4th Commandment with guests Rev. Alfonso Espinosa and Rev. Darren Harbaugh.

Faith’n’Family – Chaplains serving the Incarcerated

How do Jail Chaplains serve the incarcerated and their families with the Gospel of Jesus? with guest Vince Stanley, Humanitri Chaplain, St. Louis County Justice Center.

Faith’n’Family – Parents and Children

What is “vocation”? And what does it have to do with being a family? — with guest Pastor Chad Hoover of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Kalaska, Michigan.