Faith & Family – LSS Youth Volunteers are Making a Difference

With Annmarie Wallis and Kristy Bull from LSS, and Debbie Workman, Leslie Payne, Amy Barnett, youth from K.A.R.E. Camp, and Puja Mehta

Faith & Family – Living Life to the Fullest at Laclede Groves

With Annmarie Wallis and friends from Laclede Groves Senior Living Community and the APA of MO.

Faith & Family – Benevolent Care with Lutheran Senior Services

With Annmarie Wallis, Angie Sutton, and Colleen Bottens

Faith & Family – Older Americans Month with Lutheran Senior Services

With Annmarie Wallis, Ann Cerame, Susan Hutchinson, and Lyle Kurth

Faith & Family – Lutheran Senior Services: Successful Aging

With Annmarie Wallis, Dawn Determan, and Patt O’Keeffe

Faith’n’Family – Successful Aging; Sharathon Recap

With guests Annmarie Wallis, Dawn Determan, Patt O’Keeffe, Mary Schmidt, and Rev. Mark Hawkinson

Faith & Family – Live at Meramec Bluffs!

With Annmarie Wallis and June Schroeder, Martha Kay Larson, Liz Prange, Marion Lewis, Betty Biebel, Larry Kamberg, Doug Maddox, and Executive Che