The Coffee Hour — Set Apart to Serve + Bach Week: Serving As A Modern-Day Kantor

Kantor Matthew Machemer talks about his journey to being a Kantor and Bach’s influence on this role today.

The Coffee Hour — Bach Week: 300th Anniversary of the Chorale Cantata Cycle

Dr. Martin Dicke talks about Bach’s celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Lutheran Chorale in 1724 with the Chorale Cantata Cycle.

The Coffee Hour — Bach Week: Formation as a Cantor

Paul Soulek and Renata Peperkorn talk about being Cantor and Cantoral Intern at Higher Things, and Bach’s place in their church work formation.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Formation as Church Musician at CUNE

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Jeffrey Blersch, Professor of Music at Concordia University Nebraska.

The Coffee Hour — In Service to the Gospel through Word & Music

Andy and Sarah talk with Benjamin Kolodziej and Rev. Sean Daenzer.

The Coffee Hour — Bach Week! Set Apart To Serve: Vocation of Kantor

Andy and Sarah talk with Bethany Johnson, Kantor / Director of Parish Music at St. John Lutheran Church in Topeka, Kansas.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Story Time with Sarah: Amanda Husberg, Church Musician Extraordinaire

In this episode, airing almost a year to the day of Amanda Husberg’s death (February 15), Sarah tells her story.

The Coffee Hour – How Do Pastors and Musicians Choose Hymns for the Divine Service?

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Mark Bender, retired teacher and minister of music at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Des Peres, Missouri.

The Coffee Hour – The Musical Legacy of Michael Praetorius

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Sean Daenzer, Director of Worship for the LCMS and International Center Chaplain.

The Coffee Hour – St. Louis Blues Organist: From Mass to the Masses

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Jeremy Boyer, Director of Sacred Music & Liturgy at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in Saint Louis, Missouri, and organist for the St. Louis Blues.