{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Story Time with Sarah: Amanda Husberg, Church Musician Extraordinaire

In this episode, airing almost a year to the day of Amanda Husberg’s death (February 15), Sarah tells her story.

The Coffee Hour – How Do Pastors and Musicians Choose Hymns for the Divine Service?

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Mark Bender, retired teacher and minister of music at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Des Peres, Missouri.

The Coffee Hour – The Musical Legacy of Michael Praetorius

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Sean Daenzer, Director of Worship for the LCMS and International Center Chaplain.

The Coffee Hour – St. Louis Blues Organist: From Mass to the Masses

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Jeremy Boyer, Director of Sacred Music & Liturgy at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish in Saint Louis, Missouri, and organist for the St. Louis Blues.

The Coffee Hour – Church Musician Workshops

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Kevin Hildebrand, Kantor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Coffee Hour – Young Church Musicians

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Ryan and Logann Edinger, young church musicians, and their teacher Dr. Mark Laverty.