The Coffee Hour – Renovated Library for Seminary Community

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Vicki Biggs, Senior Vice President for Seminary Advancement with Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Coffee Hour – Teaching in Taiwan

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Hannah Shull, missionary teacher in Taiwan.

The Coffee Hour – Serving Spiritual Needs in Madagascar

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Nathan Ruback, Chaplain for Mercy Medical Team to Madagascar, and Anne Gonzalez, DCE, Manager of Short-term Mission Training & Engagement for the LCMS Office of International Mission.

The Coffee Hour – The Most Important Thing to Plan For in College

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Marcus Zill, The Chancellor of LCMSU and Director of Campus Ministry for the LCMS Office of National Mission.

The Coffee Hour – Welcoming the Stranger Today

Today, Andy talks with leadership of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service about the needs of families that are met by LIRS and partners.

The Coffee Hour – Ambassadors Further Bethesda’s Cause

Today, Andy and guest co-host Mary Schmidt talk with Mike Thirtle, CEO of Bethesda Lutheran Communities.

The Coffee Hour – Let’s Talk about Life

Today, Andy talks with Mary Schmidt, KFUO Radio’s Manager of Development.

The Coffee Hour – It’s Still Tuesday

Today, Andy talks with Andrew Fondow, Assistant Vice President for Product Strategy for Concordia Plan Services.

The Coffee Hour – Social Media, Digital Technology, and Youth

Today, Andy and guest co-host Meredith Whitefield talk with Rev. Bill Johnson, Director of Educational Technology at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne.