The Coffee Hour — Flame: The Arts, Extra Nos Conferences, and Theological Education

How can the arts, specifically music and rap, engage communities and reach people with the Gospel? Flame joins us to share his story.

Cross Defense — FLAME, from Baptist to Lutheran

Hear FLAME’s story of his journey from Calvinism to Lutheranism.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Book Club Wrap Up: Extra Nos – Discovering Grace Outside Myself

FLAME joins Rachel, Sarah, and Erin in a recap discussion of the latest Lutheran Ladies’ Book Club selection, Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.

The Coffee Hour — Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself

Andy and Sarah talk with FLAME, Lutheran artist and author of “Extra Nos: Discovering Grace outside Myself.”

The Coffee Hour — Sharathon 2023: FLAME!

Andy and Sarah talk with Flame — Lutheran rap artist, author, and creative behind Extra Nos Academy.

The Coffee Hour — Art, Food, Organ, Rap: Intersect Arts Dovetail Reception

Andy and Sarah talk with Sarah Bernhardt, Executive Director of Intersect Arts Center in St. Louis, and Rev. Dr. Jim Marriott, Department Coordinator for Music at Concordia University Texas.

The Coffee Hour — FLAME: Extra Nos Academy, Baptism, and Lutheran Artistry

Andy and Sarah talk with FLAME, GRAMMY® nominated and Stellar Award-winning hip-hop artist.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: S1Ep11. FLAME on Vocation | FLAME

 Listen in as Grammy® nominated artist FLAME talks about the Lutheran doctrine of vocation and the freedom that it brings in serving our neighbors creatively.