World Lutheran News Digest – Religious Tolerance, Ghana, ‘Lutheran Airlines’

Check out the latest news about (1) when religious tolerance goes too far, (2) the Missouri Synod photojournalist Erik Lunsford’s Ghana trip, and (3) the Flying ‘Lutheran Airlines’.

His Time – Lutheran Heritage Foundation, Ghanian Lutheran Church, the Samaritan Woman

(1) Rev. Robert Rahn and Rev. Nicholas Salifu talk about their work in Ghana, and (2) Rev. Allen Behnke looks at John 4:7-26 and gives today’s sermonette.

World Lutheran News Digest – Prolife Organizations, Mercy Medical Teams, Lutherans in Ghana

World Lutheran News for February 8, 2014 — Pro life organizations lose nearly a million dollars in annual funding, Mercy Medical Teams want volunteers, and Good news for Lutherans in Ghana.