2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Why is Sharing Jesus With Others So Hard (But Necessary)?

https://kfuo-od.streamguys1.com/recast/2022-LCMS-Youth-Gathering-Sessions/20221220161653-WhyisSharingJesusWithOthersSoHardButNecessary_Dawit.mp3Download Audio File Join Pastor Dawit as he walks you through his struggles and God’s grace as he was sharing the message of Jesus over the last decade in one of the most diverse places in teh nation in the…

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. But Like…What If There Is No God?

https://kfuo-od.streamguys1.com/recast/2022-LCMS-Youth-Gathering-Sessions/20221220161357-WhatifthereisnoGod_Chitwood.mp3Download Audio File Atheists and agnostics, apatheists and “nones,” the spiritual-but-not religious and…Christian atheists?! How do we make sense of the dizzying complexity of non-religious options out there these days? For that matter, what do we do with the doubts…

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Religion, Religions, Religious?

https://kfuo-od.streamguys1.com/recast/2022-LCMS-Youth-Gathering-Sessions/20221220161139-ReligionReligionsReligious_Chitwood.mp3Download Audio File You’ve got your Buddhist neighbor and your Jewish friend, your Muslim teammate and your spiritual-but-not-religious cousin. Maybe you’ve wondered to yourself: what do they actually believe? What do they do when they go to the temple, synagogue,…

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. Problem Parents or Parent’s Problem?

https://kfuo-od.streamguys1.com/recast/2022-LCMS-Youth-Gathering-Sessions/20221220160826-ProblemParentsorParentsProblem_Harmon.mp3Download Audio File Ever have a problem with your parents? Discover strategies for how to have a better understanding of and relationship with your parents and care givers. Bio: Pastor Bill Harmon is now President of the Southeastern District. He…

2022 LCMS Youth Gathering Sessions. The ABC’s of Defending Your Faith

https://kfuo-od.streamguys1.com/recast/2022-LCMS-Youth-Gathering-Sessions/20221220155206-TheABCsofDefendingYourFaith_Alles.mp3Download Audio File If someone asked why you were a Christian, what would you say? If they asked how you knew you followed the right religion, what would you answer be? Apologetics, or defending the faith, is as easy as…

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — Gathering Finishing Pack – Sharing the 2022 LCMS Youth Gathering

In the first Gathering Finishing Pack episode, we talk about how you might share your group’s experience at the 2022 Youth Gathering back home.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — Mostly Live at the Gathering

Mark and Julianna are on the Interactive Floor at the LCMSYG as they talk about their experiences and give thanks for what is happening at the Gathering.

The Coffee Hour — LCMS Youth Gathering: In All Things

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Peter Nafzger, Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Student Life at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and Theological Advisor for the LCMS Youth Gathering.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — LCMS Gathering Hotels and Transportation Tips

Krista Miller and Dean Luker join us to talk about key things to know about hotels and transportation as a part of your Youth Gathering experience. 

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — LCMS Youth Gathering – A Day at the Gathering

Mark and Julianna discuss details for each day of the 2022 LCMS National Gathering to help you prepare.