The Coffee Hour — Petal Pushers and the LHM Rose Parade Float

Dick and Lynn Gast talk about the Lutheran Hour Ministries float in the Rose Parade and how these floats come to life.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals — Spiritual Vibrant Households

Rev. Jason Broge of Lutheran Hour Ministries talks about how to help foster spiritually vibrant Households of Faith.

The Coffee Hour – Petal Pushers and the Rose Parade

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Dick Gast, General Chairman Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Committee, and his wife Lynn, Petal Pusher Chairman.

The Coffee Hour – New Provost for Concordia Seminary St. Louis

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Douglas Rutt, the newly called Provost of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

His Time – LHM Celebrates 100 Years, Witness Wednesday, “Some Will Depart from the Faith”

(1) Ken Ohlemeyer and Dr. Gerry Perschbacher speak about the 100th Anniversary of Lutheran Hour Ministries, (2) Rev. Mark Wood joins us for Witness Wednesday, (3) Rev. Michael Mattil looks at 1 Timothy 4:1-16, and (4) Rev. William Hooper and gives today’s sermonette.

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Rev. Dr. Richard Armstrong talks about “God’s Care in Times of Crisis”, (2) Peter Kirby discusses his new position as Regional Director for Europe with Lutheran Hour Ministries, (3) the biblical text is 2 Peter 1:1-21 “Confirm Your Calling and Election” and “Christ’s Glory and the Prophetic Word”, and (5) Rev. Stanish Stanley gives today’s Matins Sermonette.

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Dr. Douglas Rutt talks about his article “LHM takes the Challenge to Reach Youth”, (2) Robert Sexton talks about the new Lutheran Witness App, (3) Dr. Paul Maier talks about Martin Luther and the Reformation, (4) Rev. Rodney Zwonitzer studies Matthew 24:1-28 “Jesus foretells Destruction of the Temple” and “Signs of the End of the Age”, and (5)Rev. Ernie Lassman gives today’s Matins Sermonette.