News Break – Harrison is re-elected

Thursday, June 27, 2019 – Headlines

The Student Union – Marijuana Use on Campus and the Privatization of Christianity

Today we talk about the impact that the legalization of marijuana has had on campus life, and the increasingly common “Me and Jesus” spirituality and its impact on college students.

Law and Gospel – Homosexuality, Use of Maijuana

(1) Email on homosexuality program. (2) Email on whether we can use marijuana. (3) Caller: Genesis 4:22. (4) Caller: Donatist controversy; Valid and Effective. (5) Caller: Pentecostal prophecy.

God Whisperers – Lawn Mowers, Sunday Life, Marijuana questions

Lawn mowers, home ownership, life sunday, LWML sunday and other specialty sundays, Questions for Craig on direct revelation, legalization of marijuana.