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Wednesday, August 8, 2018 – Headlines

Let’s Talk! The Rev. Mark Preus Is In: Suicide in America

Rev. Mark Preus from St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church and Campus Center in Laramie, Wyoming, answers your questions.

Faith & Family – Demon Possession, Mental Health, and Developmental Disabilities: SpeakUp Conference

With guests Rev. Dr. Rick Marrs, Stephen M. Saunders, Ph.D., and Deaconess Kimberly Trombley

Faith’n’Family – The Church and Mental Health

With guests Rev. Jeff Pflug and Richard Davenport.

Faith’n’Family – Depression in the Life of the Church

With guests Rev. Todd Peperkorn and Dr. Bev Yahnke.

Faith’n’Family – Mental Health Awareness

Mental health professionals address topics in mental health to help families take a proactive, non-judgmental and preventative approach.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, All Saints Day

(1) Open Mike Friday. (2) All Saints Day (3) Caller: Russian Orthodox church. (4) Caller: Christians who have mental illness. (5) Caller: Stick with faith that endures.