A Moment of Faith: From Greenland’s Icy Mountains

Pastor Doug Nicely shares the story of the hymn “From Greenland’s Icy Mountains”.

A Moment for the Family: Back to School Anxiety and Hope

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan discuss the anxiety that kids are feeling as they continue to return to the classroom this school year.

A Moment in Creation: Defense of a Young Earth

Hear Pastor Woerth share with Gary Duncan information on the defense of a young earth.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Feeding the Five Thousand

Gary talks with St. Peter about the account of feeding the five thousand found in the Gospel according to St. John. 

A Moment of Faith: Recovering Pharisee

Pastor Doug Nicely reflect on how reading the Gospel of Mark causes him to think of the words of the Buddy Greene song “Recovering Pharisee”.  Doug connects this song to the words of Luther in the Small Catechism. Baptism is a lifelong journey. We must die to sins and a new man must emerge daily.

A Moment for the Family: Workcation

Hear Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan talk about how people enjoyed the extra flexibility in their schedule with working and school from home. Learn what the new term “Workcation” means.

A Moment in Creation: When to Engage in Debate

Pastor Woerth shares with Gary Duncan arguments we should avoid when talking with evolutionist.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: New Biblical Technology from the Professor

Gary connects with professor Lukomski and they talk about the latest biblical technology. It is always an enjoyable and strange conversation when professor Lukomski joins us. Listen to discover the latest invention from B.U.R.P.

A Moment in Scripture: Conclusion of the Psalms

Gary and Pastor Matt Clark continue their two-year trip through the Bible. This week we conclude the Psalms. Pastor Clark and Gary discuss Psalm 119, the longest psalm. 

A Moment of Faith: I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light

Pastor Doug Nicely shares the back story of the hymn “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light”.