A Moment for the Family: Nature and Mental Health

Gary Duncan Talks with Dr. Mary Manz Simon about how spending time with nature helps with positive mental health for our children.

A Moment in Creation: Can We Stop Aging?

Can Scientist stop the aging process? Rev. Warren Woerth shares with Gary Duncan discuss a recent article about an anti-aging study and what the Bible tells us about our fall into sin.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Daily Battles

Gary Duncan talks with St. Peter again about more top-secret details on the battle front. Are we also currently in a daily battle with the devil? Listen, learn, and maybe have a little fun. 

A Moment of Faith: Gospel of Matthew, Part 1

Listen as Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely continue their journey in the first chapters of the gospel of Matthew.

A Moment for the Family: New School, New Friends

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan discuss the social structure of schools. How can we help our children find friends in a new school or classroom?

A Moment in Creation: Creation vs. Evolution

On today’s program Rev. Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan talk about the official position of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod regarding the creation vs evolution debate.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Update on Bethlehem

This week on the program St. Peter gives Gary Duncan a special top-secret update on what is happening now in Bethlehem. The enemy has attacked. Listen for more top-secret information from code names Rock and Daffodil.

A Moment in Scripture: Revelation 14-19

Gary and Pastor Matt Clark continue their two-year trip through the Bible. This week we read Revelation 14-19. Matt focusses on Revelation 19.

A Moment of Faith: The People That in Darkness Sat

On the program this week, Rev. Doug Nicely talks with Gary Duncan about this week’s Gospel reading from Matthew. He ties the reading to the hymn “The People That in Darkness Sat”

A Moment for the Family: New Year Resolutions

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan talk about the changes we have seen with New Year resolutions post-pandemic.