The Coffee Hour – #NLSW18 in Homeschool and St. Paul’s ECC

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Sara Lemon about National Lutheran Schools Week in homeschool, along with Janet Profilet and Bev Gruenwald and students from the St. Paul’s Lutheran ECC.

Faith & Family – Featured School: St. Paul Lutheran School in Hamel-Worden, IL

With Deaconess Lynnette Fredericksen and students from St. Paul Lutheran School.

Faith & Family – Featured School: Zion Lutheran School, Staunton, IL

With Mr. David Manning students of Zion Lutheran School.

Faith & Family – National Lutheran Schools Week #NLSW17

With Terry Schmidt and Matthew Bergholdt.

Faith’n’Family – National Lutheran Schools Week; Zion Lutheran in Staunton, IL, on #NLSW17

With guests Terry Schmidt, Matthew Bergholdt, David Manning, and students from Zion Lutheran in Staunton, IL.

Faith’n’Family – Exemplary Lutheran Schools: Immanuel Wentzville, MO

Today we talk about exemplary Lutheran Schools.

Faith’n’Family – National Lutheran Schools Week

With guests from Lutheran High School North, St. Louis, MO and St. Paul Lutheran School, Hamel, IL.

Faith’n’Family – National Lutheran Schools Week

With guests from Metro East Lutheran High Schoolin Edwardsville IL, and Trinity Lutheran School in Edwardsville, IL.