Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: S1Ep17. Immigrants as Neighbors | Dr. Leo Sánchez

Join Steph, Tiffany and special guest, Concordia Seminary professor Dr. Leo Sánchez, as they suggest a helpful Lutheran framework for discussing immigration and care for our immigrant neighbor.

The Student Union – Caring for Neighbors as the Church During the COVID-19 Crisis

With guest Rev. Justin Herman, Senior Pastor of University Lutheran Church in West Lafayette, IN.

Thy Strong Word – Numbers 5: Unclean People

Rev. John Lukomski joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Numbers 5.

The Coffee Hour – Here We Come, A-Wassailing

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Cheryl Magness— managing editor for Reporter Online with LCMS Communications, and are joined by the Coffee Hour Caroling Choir.

The Coffee Hour – Serving Neighbors by Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Chris Shearman, founder and Executive Director of Lutheran Development Group.

Faith & Family – Supporting Christian Friends of New Americans

With guests Rev. Dr. Stanish Stanley, Joanie Harwell, and Beena Stanish

Faith’n’Family – Christian Friends of New Americans; National Volutneer Month; Sharathon!

With guests Joanie Harwell, Rev. Dr. Stanish Stanley, Maureen Lenz, Mary Schmidt, and Rev. Mark Hawkinson.

His Time – Worldview Watch: Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain

Rev. Jonathan Fisk answers a listener question regarding taking the Lord’s name in vain.