Thy Strong Word — Matthew 18:10-20. Unbelievable mercy to unbelievable sinners: He rejoices over His finding.

Rev. Nick Koschmann, pastor of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Forest Grove, Oregon, joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study Matthew 18:10-20.

Moments of Assurance – Jesus Finds the Lost Sheep

Rev. Mark Hawkinson gives a meditation on Luke 15:1-7.

Sharper Iron — All Righteousness Fulfilled: The Shepherd Is Serious About Saving Sinners

Rev. Nate Hill, pastor at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Winchester, TX, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Matthew 18:1-20.

Sharper Iron: The Scandal of Humiliation

Rev. James Preus looks at Matthew 18:1-20.

Thy Strong Word – Matthew 18 “Who is the Greatest?”

Matthew 18 “Who is the Greatest?” with guest Rev. Steven Theiss of St. Paul Lutheran Church Columbia, IL.