Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. John Sias on Romans 12:6-16

Rev. Dr. John Sias gives today’s sermon based on Romans 12:6-16.

Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson on Romans 12:1-5

Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson gives today’s sermon based on Romans 12:1-5.

Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison on Romans 12:16–21

http://archives.kfuo.org/mp3/Chapel/Chapel_Jan_31_2019.mp3Download Audio File Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison gives today’s sermon based on Romans 12:16–21. Tune in weekdays at 10:00 a.m. CT to hear daily chapel services from the LCMS International Center. Find service information including the lectionary, hymn, and homilist…

Morning Prayer Sermonette: Romans 11:25-12:13

Rev. Hyle Anderson gives today’s sermonette.

Thy Strong Word – Romans 12: A Living Sacrifice

Romans 12: A Living Sacrifice with guest Rev. Dr. Michael Middendorf from Concordia University in Irvine, California

Sharper Iron: The Burning Coals of the Kingdom

Rev. Randy Wurschmidt looks at Romans 12:14-13:14.

Morning Prayer Sermonette: Romans 12:14-13:14

Rev. Randy Wurschmidt gives today’s sermonette.

Sharper Iron: Being Conformed to Sober Grace

Rev. Timothy Appel looks at Romans 11:25-12:13.