His Time – Worldview Watch: Defending Creation

Rev. Jonathan Fisk responds to a listener question regarding the creation timeline.

Faith’n’Family – Robo Raiders Student Robotics Team

With guests from the Robo Raiders FTC 7129.

Faith’n’Family – Hidden Figures & Vocation

With guests Dr. Gillian Bond and Dr. Kathy Brandon

Science or Agenda?

With Priscilla K. Coleman, PhD.

Faith’n’Family – Science or Agenda?; The Effects of Pornography on Children

With guests Priscilla K. Coleman, PhD, and Dr. Michelle Cretella.

Faith’n’Family – Science and Christian Theology

Dr. Angus Menuge discusses a recent publication of the LCMS Commission on Theology and Church Relations.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Including the Gospel in Apologetics

Host Rev. Rod Zwonitzer talks with guest Andy Wrasman (ContradictMovement.org).