Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: S2Ep6. Pornography: A Broken Vision for Sex | Daniel Weiss

What are the dangers of pornography? How does it miss the mark for God’s plan for sexuality? And why is God’s vision for sex altogether better than the counterfeit of porn?

The Coffee Hour – Mental Health Monday: Play and Adolescents/Teens

Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW.

The Coffee Hour – 5-Minute Bible Studies for Teens

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Clark Schultz, author of 5-Minute Bible Studies for Teens.

The Coffee Hour – Sparkle with God’s Love

Andy talks with Christina Hergenrader, author of Shine: Sparkling with God’s Love available from Concordia Publishing House.

News Break – Pro-abortion protester is arrested

Thursday, May 2, 2019 – Headlines

The Student Union – Culture of Biblical Integrity

With guest Heather Ruesch of Iron Mountain, Michigan, author of the forthcoming CPH book, “Sexuality Mentality: Creating a Culture of Biblical Integrity.”

The Coffee Hour – Helping Young People Cope with Trauma

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Courtney Burns, Middle School Director of Guidance with Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Faith’n’Family – LCMS Youth Ministry Symposium

Rev. Dr. John Oberdeck presents on the adolescent brain at the 2016 LCMS Youth Ministry Symposium.