Free to be Faithful

Free to be Faithful is a religious liberty, education, and awareness program created by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in response to increasing governmental and societal incursions into religious life.

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Words As Weapons
Free To Be Faithful – When Words Become Weapons

With guests Roger Drinnon and Peter Slayton

Hate Groups
Free To Be Faithful – What Makes a Hate Group?

With guest Jim Campbell, senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom

Playground Case
Free To Be Faithful – Equal Protection for Children on Playgrounds

With guest Christiana Holcomb, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom

Arlene's Flowers
Free To Be Faithful – Do you stand with Baronelle?

With guest Kerri Kupec, legal counsel and communications director with Alliance Defending Freedom

March For Life Recap
Free To Be Faithful – March for Life Recap

With guest Jeanne Mancini.

Secularization Of Christmas
Free To Be Faithful – The Secularization of Christmas

With guest Rev. Chris Thoma.