Sharper Iron

Sharper Iron looks at the text of Holy Scripture both in its broad context and its narrow detail, all for the sake of proclaiming Christ crucified and risen for sinners. Two pastors engage with God’s Word to sharpen not only their own faith and knowledge, but the faith and knowledge of all who listen. Sharper Iron is hosted by Rev. Timothy Appel.

Show Time: Monday-Friday at 8:00 a.m. Central Time
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Mark 1
Sharper Iron: The Singular Authority of Jesus

Rev. Mark Preus looks at Mark 1:1-13.

John 4
Sharper Iron: The Circular Majesty of John’s Gospel

Rev. Matthew Wietfeldt looks at John 4:46-54.

John 4
Sharper Iron: The Cinematography of John

Rev. Shawn Linnell looks at John 4:27-45.

John 3
Sharper Iron: An Empty Cross Didn’t Save You

Rev. Paul Cain looks at John 3:1-21.

John 2
Sharper Iron: Premeditated Temple Cleansing

Rev. Timothy Koch looks at John 2:13-25.

John 2
Sharper Iron: The Jesus of Real History

Rev. Chris Hull looks at John 2:1-12.

John 1
Sharper Iron: The Gospel Implied is the Gospel Denied

Rev. Stephen Preus looks at John 1:35-51.

John 1
Sharper Iron: The Glory of the Cross

Rev. Sean Daenzer looks at John 1:19-34.

Titus 1
Sharper Iron: Sin is Disorder

Rev. Micah Glenn looks at Titus 1:1-2:6.

2 Timothy 4
Sharper Iron: Preaching Isn’t a Bad Thing

Rev. Braun Campbell looks at 2 Timothy 4:1-18.