Mission Field: USA — The Church Plant in God’s Mission

Rev. Dr. Yared Halche explores the mission and vison of new work from a biblical perspective and how to incorporate these concepts into a working plan.

Mission Field: USA — How Church Plants Create Beautiful Worship Spaces

Rev. Gaven Mize explores the importance of aesthetics in worship and how church plants can adapt to shared spaces.

The Coffee Hour – Narcissism, Gnosticism, and Congregational Social Media (Rebroadcast)

Sarah talks with Pastor Merritt Demski, pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo, Illinois.

Mission Field: USA — Diaspora Mission: Reaching the New Waves of Immigrants

The Rev. Dr. Matthew Buse explores how we engage in diaspora mission to reach the newly arrived.

Mission Field: USA — A More Effective Narrative for Church Planting

Rev. Daniel Yang, Director of the Send Institute, explores a more effective narrative to explain the need for church planting.

Mission Field: USA — Using Church Software in a Church Plant

Mr. Peter Frank — Digital Product Owner at Concordia Publishing House, explores how to use digital tools to maximize ministry time.

Mission Field: USA — Collaboration, Merger or Replanting: Strategies to Maximize Resources for Christ’s Mission

Rev. Todd Kollbaum explores how ministries can collaborate, merge or even “replant” to advance Christ’s mission.

Mission Field: USA — Conflict Resolution vs. Reconciliation

Mr. Ted Kober, Senior Ambassador for Ambassadors of Reconciliation, explores biblical and effective strategies to resolve conflict and heal through a reconciliation process.

Mission Field: USA — Planting Gospel Seeds While Meeting Human Needs

Rev. Dr. Carlos Hernandez explores how assessing needs in the community gives opportunity to share the Gospel.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 04. Is Your Church Pro-Life? | Rev. Kirk Neugebauer

Listen as Steph and her husband, Pastor Kirk Neugebauer, talk about creating a pro-life culture within a congregation and why you’re an important piece to that puzzle.