Faith’n’Family – Learning about Lent at Home

With guests Kelly Schumacher, Amanda Markel, Joe Willmann, and Lisa Clark.

His Time – Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, Creation Club, The Resurrection

(1) Kelly Schumacher talks about Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts, (2) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, and (3) Rev. Richard Zeile looks at Matthew 28:1-20 and (4) Rev. Roderick Hathaway gives today’s sermonette.

His Time – Liturgical Artist Kelly Schumacher The Throne in Heaven

(1) Artist Kelly Schumacher talks about her latest liturgical painting, and (2) Rev. Edward Filter looks at Revelation 4:1-11 and gives today’s sermonette.

Sharathon 2014

KFUO’s Annual Fundraising Event takes place for 3 days from April 24-26. Tune in and join in the fun!

His Time – Creation Club, Art and Song, Peter Disowns Jesus

Arts and Music Exhibit with Kelly Schumacher, Erin Bode, and Mark Bender — Creation Club with Rev. Warren Woerth — Rev. Charles Henrickson looks at Matthew 26:57-75 and gives today’s sermonette