The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Black Ministry and the Black Clergy Caucus

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray talks about his journey to pastoral ministry and the work of LCMS Black Ministry today.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: S1Ep14. Race Relations & the Gospel | Rev. Roosevelt Gray

Join Steph and Pastor Roosevelt Gray as they talk about race relations in light of the Gospel.

The Coffee Hour – Hurricane Devastation in the South

Andy talks with Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Director of LCMS Black Ministry.

The Coffee Hour – Confronting Social Injustice and Loving Our Neighbors

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Roosevelt Gray— LCMS Director of Black Ministry, and Rev. Dr. Steven Schave— LCMS Director of Urban & Inner City Mission and Church Planting, and Host of Mission Field USA.

News Break – Ethnic ministries spread the Gospel

Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – Headlines

The Coffee Hour – Blessed are the Rural

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Todd Kollbaum, Director of Rural and Small Town Mission with the LCMS Office of National Mission.

Faith & Family – LCMS Lutherans in Black Ministry Family Convocation

With Rev. Roosevelt Gray and Rev. Christopher Bodley

Faith’n’Family – Black Ministry Family Convocation; Missionary Robin McCoy

With guests Rev. Roosevelt Gray, Rev. Christopher Bodley, and Robin McCoy.

Faith’n’Family – Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring Audio File Rev. Amos Gray, First Lutheran Church, Hot Springs, AR; Sanya Parson, Rebecca’s Garden of Hope, Orlando, FL; and Rev. Roosevelt Gray, LCMS Office of National Mission–Black Ministry discuss the work of two successful tutoring and…

Faith’n’Family – The History of Black Ministry in the LCMS

The History of Black Ministry in the LCMS with guests Roosevelt Gray, Director of Black Ministry & Frazier Odom, Interim Director of Black Ministry.