The Coffee Hour — Take Heart Scholarship from LCEF

Andy and Sarah talk with Rehema Kavugha, Director of Synod Relations with Lutheran Church Extension Fund.

The Coffee Hour — MOScholars: Scholarship Program for Students

Andy and Sarah talk with Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick along with Leah Sieveking and Josh Swartz with the LCMS Missouri District.

The Coffee Hour – 2021 LESA Cooking for Kids Event

Andy and Sarah talk with Sue Nahmensen, CEO of the Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA).

News Break – Advocates oppose assisted suicide in New York

Thursday, February 6, 2020 – Headlines

World Lutheran News Digest – Supporting Women Facing Unplanned Pregnancy

With guest Cindi Boston, Vice President of Heartbeat International

The Coffee Hour – Spreading Hope After Tragedy

Today, Andy talks with Sunita Manu, aunt of the late Henry Manu.

The Coffee Hour – Food for a Good Cause

Today, Andy talks with Kit Auble, Director of Fund Development and Marketing for LESA, and Executive Chef Rick Lewis, co-owner of Grace Meat+Three in St. Louis.

The Coffee Hour – LESA’s Cooking for Kids

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Kit Auble, Director of Fund Development and Marketing for Lutheran Elementary School Association, and Michael Salemink, father of Lutheran school students

The Mustache Resolution

With Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison and Rev. Terry Forke.

Luther Promise at CUW and CUAA

With guest Gretchen Jameson.