Thy Strong Word — Genesis 19:23-38. The wrath of God.

Rev. Phil Hoppe, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Colby, KS joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study Genesis 19:23-38.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Sin Breaks Stuff

Rev. Harrison Goodman studies Genesis 19:23-38 regarding how we like to fixate on sins, how sin is infectious, how fear is the unbelief of promise, why the world sees Sodom as a joke, and the lineage Christ chooses in order to save sinners.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Fire and Fidelity

Rev. Greg Truwe studies Genesis 19:12-24 regarding faithfully carrying out judgment versus abdication of office, the personification of sin, our need for hearing the Law, our tendency to delay heeding the warnings of God, and the covenant of faithfulness given to Lot (chesed). 

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Unnatural Grace

Rev. Sean Kilgo studies Genesis 19:1-11 regarding the four sins that cry to heaven, the connection between the sins of Sodom and false teachers, how Lot tries to avoid sin by sinning, and how God preserves His people even amidst his judgment.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: God Shows Up

Rev. Peter Ill studies Genesis 18:16-33 regarding who God is and how He reveals Himself, God’s faithfulness to His promises, living righteously by faith, the seriousness of sin, how God welcomes us to pray, and God’s patience.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Wars of God and Men

Rev. Johnson studies Genesis 14:1-16 regarding the historical backdrop and structure of Abram and Lot, the case for divinely government, rescue versus vassalship, and suffering and salvation.

His Time – Daily Lectionary: Romans 9:19-33

Rev. Dr. David Lewis looks at Romans 9:19-33 and gives today’s sermonette.