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Faith’n’Family – Concordia On-Air College Fair: CSP & CCAL

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It’s KFUO’s Concordia On-Air College Fair week! This entire week we’ll be talking to folks from each of our Concordias about what makes their school unique and why students should consider attending their Concordia. Stay tuned this week for exciting updates from each school! Find all of the interviews on the On-Air College Fair page.

Concordia University St. Paul

Kristin Vogel, Associate Vice President of Traditional Enrollment Management for Concordia University St. Paul, talks about the unique opportunities about the campus nestled between the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. CSP has over 50 undergraduate programs, as well as adult degree completion and graduate programs. One of the newest degrees added is the Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and CSP is the only university to offer the unique degree of Director of Christian Outreach. CSP is a NCAA Division II school with wide variety of sports, including lacrosse, and the school also has robust theater and arts programs for students. Three years ago CSP also reduced their tuition rate to make it one of the most affordable Concordias. Listen to the interview to learn even more about CSP!

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Concordia College Alabama

Norman Richards, Director of Recruitment for Concordia College Alabama, joins his admissions team Ralph Coquemar, Stanley Conner, and Kimberly Wade to talk about the unique student life at Concordia College Alabama. CCAL is a small school of about 600 students that creates a wonderful community atmosphere that also provides a “second-chance” opportunity for students who may not get into other universities because of low GPA or test scores. CCAL offers special programs and opportunities to help these students achieve their best in school. Business, nursing, education, and criminal justice are popular majors for students at CCAL. Athletics are important, and the USCAA school has won multiple national championships in Women’s Basketball. Listen to the interview to learn even more about CCAL!

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