The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Pre-Seminary Student at Concordia St. Paul

Robert Finch talks about his journey to the pre-seminary program at Concordia St. Paul.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Forming Church Workers at Concordia St. Paul

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich, President of Concordia University St. Paul.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Developing a Philosophy of Youth Ministry

Dr. Heath Lewis joins Mark and Julianna to discuss the value of creating a philosophy of Youth Ministry.

News Break – Concordia St. Paul sets record

Thursday, November 19, 2020 – Headlines

News Break – Concordia, St. Paul names new president

Thursday, August 8, 2019 – Headlines

News Break – Concordia St. Paul names an interim president

Thursday, July 11, 2019 – Headlines

Faith’n’Family – Concordia On-Air College Fair: CSP & CCAL

With guests Kristin Vogel from Concordia University St. Paul, and Norman Richards, Ralph Coquemar, Stanley Conner, and Kimberly Wade from Concordia College Alabama.