The Coffee Hour — Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach: Artists of the Reformation

Sarah talks with Rev. Dr. Daniel Harmelink, Executive Director of Concordia Historical Institute.

The Coffee Hour — Beauty and Color in Liturgical and Portrait Art

Sarah talks with Kelly Schumacher (Uffenbeck) of Agnus Dei Liturgical Arts.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Conversations with Creatives: Katie Schuermann

Katie Schuermann shares a wealth of insights on how to stay refreshed creatively, why discipline is an important aspect of creative work, and how her Lutheran faith gives a deeper meaning to each of her artistic ventures.

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: Angels and Archangels

Christ Jesus did not die for angels — He died for us poor, miserable, human sinners.

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: The Earliest Christian Symbols

 Just as Jesus’ parables employed normal life to illustrate the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, so Christian artists have often found examples from non-Christian artists of beneficial ways to depict the teachings of Scripture.

The Lutheran Witness Podcast: The Christian Artist

God is the Creator of all things, and He placed in humankind a creative nature.

The Coffee Hour – Art and Song at St. Paul’s Des Peres

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Mark Bender, Kelly Schumacher, and Erin Bode.

Concord Matters for Making Sacred Art

With host Rev. Sean Smith and guest Edward Riojas.

Concord Matters for Liturgical Art

With host Rev. Sean Smith and guest Rev. Jim Roemke