The Coffee Hour – Make Your Summer Reading Social

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Allison Kieselowsky, Mother, Educator, and Reading Specialist.

The Coffee Hour – Preparing Children for Holy Week

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Mrs. Lee Wagner, Director of the Early Childhood Center at Immanuel Lutheran School in St. Charles, Missouri.

World Lutheran News Digest – Science and Religion: Agree or Disagree?

With guest Dr. Michael Dourson, toxicologist and author.

Faith & Family – Christmas Classic Reads

With guest Allison Kieselowsky

Concordia Gospel Outreach

With guest Elizabeth Pittman.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Books, Loose and Bind, Theology of Sproul

(1) Open Mike. (2) Books to be read by those interested in Christianity. (3) Caller: What does Matthew 18:18 mean by loose and bind? (4) Caller: Theology of Sproul. (5) Three books. (6) Plus Good News.