Thy Strong Word – Exodus 23: “Laws About the Sabbath and Festivals”

Exodus 23: “Laws About the Sabbath and Festivals” with guest Rev. Peter Kufahl from Trinity Lutheran Church in Mountain Lake, Minnesota.

Reformation Rush Hour – Jihad Watch; Saints Who Have Gone Before Us

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to say today!

Reformation Rush Hour – Feasts/Observances; Awards given by Concordia Historical Institute

With guests Rev. Walter Snyder, Rev. Dr. Dan Harmelink, and Rev. Todd Zittlow.

Reformation Rush Hour – Papua New Guinea, CHI Museum, NonDenominational Pastor, Feasts & Festivals

With guests Rev. Jeff Horn, Dr. Daniel Harmelink, Rebecca Wells, Rev. Devin Kerns, and Rev. Walt Snyder.

Reformation Rush Hour – Feasts&Festivals, Ethiopia, Church Anniversaries

With guests Pr. Walter Snyder, Dr. Al Collver, Dr. Belay Olam, and Dr. Daniel Harmelink.

Reformation Rush Hour – Feasts, Papua New Guinea, Ferguson

With guests Pr. Walt Snyder, Dr. Dan Harmelink, Rebecca Wells, Pr. Ross Johnson, Pr. Roosevelt Gray, and Pr. Steve Schave.