Mission Field: USA — Urban Mission // Rural Mission

Rev. Todd Kollbaum explores the differences and similarities between urban and rural church planting.

LCMS Youth Ministry Announces: End Goals Podcast!

Announcing End Goals podcast, coming soon from LCMS Youth Ministry!

Mission Field: USA — USA as a Mission Field

Rev. Larry Vogel explores how the current demographics in the US today are profoundly affecting the church and the implementation of its mission.

Mission Field: USA — Biblical Missiology and Church Planting

Rev. Dr. Detlev Schulz introduces the definition and explores the purpose of missiology as the biblical foundation for the formation of new churches today.

Mission Field: USA — Witness, Mercy, Life Together Framework for Missions

Rev. Tim Droegemueller explores how the three-fold emphasis of the Synod, “Witness, Mercy, Life Together,” integrates biblical concepts into the DNA of future church plants.

Mission Field: USA — God’s Mission is in the DNA of the Church

Rev. Dr. Detlev Schulz explores how our doctrinal understanding of the church (ecclesiology) informs the very purpose and practical strategies for mission in our world today.

Bring the Love of Christ: Conversation with Rev. Joel Hempel

Andy Bates talks with Rev. Joel Hempel, Director and Religious Endorser of LCMS Specialized Pastoral Ministry.

The Coffee Hour – Revitalization in Congregations

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Mark A Wood, Director of Witness & Outreach and Revitalization for the LCMS Office of National Mission.

The Coffee Hour – National DCE Day

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Ryan Pfendler, DCE, Director of Student and Young Adult Ministry at Messiah Lutheran Church in Weldon Spring, Missouri, and Jim Lohman, DCE, Director of Servant Events with the LCMS Office of National Mission

The Coffee Hour – LCMS Office of National Mission New Executive Director

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Robert Zagore, new Executive Director with the LCMS Office of National Mission, and Rev. Kevin Robson, Chief Mission Officer for the LCMS.